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  • Anhui Baishi Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • Anhui Baishi Chemical Co., Ltd.

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Complete QA and QC system

To enter the new bio-medicine and fine chemicals fields with hi-tech products.To provide you with high quality product through strict QC system . To meet your demand with such ideas of " never self-satisfaction".Revitalize National Industry through hard working.

Complete safe system

Up to the diversified applications of our products, we can offer best support for you. Through optimizing production procedure and improving the quality.you can enjoy the most reliable service from our company. Now, we are trying our best to provide one-stop service for you.

Meet special demands to their need

  • Diazotization 重氮化
  • Oxidation 氧化
  • ydrolysis 水解
  • Amidation 氨化
  • Acetylation 乙酰化
  • Reduction 還原
  • Hydrogenation 加氫
  • Nitration 硝化
  • Sulphonation 磺化
  • Eesterification 酯化

Diversified business fields

Following the market demand ,through the improvement of benefit and core competitiveness,driven by the establishment of modern management system.

Baishi followed the developing

we have executed some policies (large company, internationalization, technology, famous brand and talent policy) and made some innovations on system, management system.

Baishi are striving to be

we have established good relationships with Dupont, Bayer, BASF, Clariant & Dystar. Our products have been exported to over 20 countries in EU, America and Asia.


Anhui Baishi Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Bengbu City of Anhui Province. It is a high-tech chemical enterprise engaged in manufacturing of fine chemicals, for example, dyes, medical intermediate and food additive. There is strong matching capacity and advanced manufacturing technique. And product quality has been improved steadily. New products have been put into market. And their economic and technical index is at leading level. 

In recent years, Baishi Chemical keeps up pace with social development. We implement strategy of “large enterprise, economic internationalization, science and technology development, famous product”...